Logo design for Dental Design Service

This is a logo design made for a friend of mine. He owns a company for remote dental design services that he does.

The company offers remote dental design service with best price. They design crowns, bridges, inlays, and full anatomic zirconia in Exocad.

The logo is a simple representation of the process of building the tooth in Exocad. As primarily it is a wireframe and then it moves on to a final outcome.

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About my work

As a designer with 16 years of experience it takes me great pleasure to be able to work with you. My experience and approach help me into creating the brand and design that speaks for itself, is eye-catching and is long lasting.

I have experience in Graphic design and branding. I am using Adobe suite to support my needs as a professional. 

I do web development using WordPress for some custom website experiences.

10 years of experience using Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides), and profound skills in Google Admin panel management.

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